Armenian Cultural Association, Inc.
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The Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc. (ACAA) was organized in February of 1969 with the following purposes:

  • To assist and support needy and impoverished people of Armenian origin;
  • To assist, support and encourage institutions, such as homes for the aged, orphanages and schools organized and functioning to aid those of Armenian origin in their general welfare;
  • To assist, support and encourage educational institutions and charitable organizations which encourage and develop the Armenian cultural heritage;
  • To aid students, authors, artists and researchers who are pursuing intellectual efforts in the areas of Armenian culture and education;
  • To publish educational, scientific and literary books which reflect Armenian culture, with the object of raising the educational, cultural and intellectual standards of the community.

The ACAA sponsors projects both in the Republic of Armenia and the Diaspora such as cultural and educational activities, research on Armenian topics, grants to Armenian newspapers, publications and other media outlets, and internships. It also serves as a repository of historic Armenian national documents and archives.


In 1992, the ACAA membership created the present ACAA endowment structure. The ACAA Board of Directors appoints Trustees who manage endowment funds professionally and in accordance with recognized fiduciary standards and accounting principles. The goal of these controls is to allow for both transparency and accountability.

Designated Funds
Many of our Endowment funds were created by their donors to further specific causes. Others are used to further the general mission of the ACAA.

ACAA General Fund
This is the general purpose fund of the institution.

Kevork and Vergine Seroonian Fund
This fund was established by the Estate of the Seroonians of Philadelphia, PA to benefit the general cause of the ACAA.

Hairenik Endowment Fund
Established in 1996 by the estate of Khoren Bandazian of Richmond, VA, whose love of the Hairenik Armenian Newspaper was a lifelong devotion. Income from this fund is used to aid the operation of the Hairenik Association and its various publications and media interests. Additional donors have added to this endowment.

Harry and Alice Sachaklian Armenian Review Fund
Alice Sachaklian established this fund in 2003 for the benefit of the Armenian Reivew, an academic journal published by the Hairenik Association. Col. Harry Sachaklian was the founder and early Director of the ACAA. The Sachaklian Family’s dedication of the Mission of the ACAA is evidenced by a lifetime of work for the cause.

Gosdan Bozajian Hairenik Fund
This fund was established in 2006 by bequest from the Estate of Gosdan Bozajian. Income is used for the operation of the Hairenik Association.

Alice Norian Hairenik and ACAA Fund
The Alice Norian Estate established this fund to benefit the Hairenik Assocation and ACAA.

Other Funds
There are many other funds within the ACAA Endowment Fund structure. We invite interested parties to create a legacy of commitment by establishing a fund in honor of loved ones or named individuals to further the mission of the ACAA.

Current needs include funds to support student internships; document archiving; Armenian historical research; Armenian anti-defamation efforts; scholarships, especially in media, government and international relations; project development for NGOs in the USA and Armenia, book publishing, and more.


The Armenian Cultural Assocation raises funds for its operations in part through the annual Armenian Heritage Cruise. For more information, please visit www.armenianheritagecruise.com.

The ACAA also offers annual tours to Armenia to enable its supporters to learn more about the homeland while supporting the ACAA’s mission. Information on these tours will be placed here when it is available.

Supported Projects
The ACAA supports the press activities of the Hairenik Assocation. For information on the association, please visit www.hairenik.org.
The Hairenik Online Radio Station is supported by a grant from the ACAA. Visit it at www.Hairenik.com/Radio