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“Artsakh Fund” Stands With Artsakh

On December 28, the delegation of the Armenian Cultural Association of America (ACAA) Eastern Region Artsakh Fund arrived in the capital of the Republic of Artsakh, Stepanakert.

A meeting was organized by the staff of the Artsakh Fund office at the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) center in Stepanakert with the families of martyrs of the Artsakh War. In a cordial and significant setting, the Artsakh Fund representatives expressed their deepest condolences in light of the great loss and affirmed that the loss of their heroes was the loss of the entire nation. The relatives told stories about the horrors of the war and about their heroic martyrs.


Bringing Joy to the Determined Families of Aghavno

As part of its ongoing assistance program in Artsakh, a second delegation from the Armenian Cultural Association of America (ACAA) Artsakh Fund headed from Yerevan to Stepanakert on December 27.

On the road to Stepanakert, the delegation met with Andranik Chavushyan, the head of the Aghavno community in the Kashatagh region, in Goris. Chavushyan had told Artsakh Fund members about the determination of the residents and their needs.


A Team of Representatives of the ACAA Artsakh Fund Returned from Armenia and Artsakh

A team of representatives of the ACAA Artsakh Fund returned from performing a needs assessment on December 13-15. Over the next month, other team members will be traveling to Armenia and Artsakh to implement new programs in light of the recent devastating war. We have identified a series of action items which have already begun, including the following:

  • Financial assistance to families of soldiers killed during the war
  • Financial assistance to soldiers suffering from wounds
  • Financial assistance to families returning to Artsakh
  • Construction and financial support to the families that have defiantly remained in their village in a strategically important location

Please consider donating generously to these projects. The need is great. Our continued assistance provides the resources and moral support necessary to sustain our brothers and sisters in Artsakh at this most critical time.

School children returning to school for the first time since the beginning of the war on December 7

ACAA Artsakh Fund representatives helping deliver generators to villagers refusing to leave their homes in Artsakh

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