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The ACAA Artsakh Fund continues its efforts to strengthen the strategic borderlands of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh). Our focus is the Arajamugh village, which we are developing into a model village promoting long-term resettlement and economic development.

Arajamugh is found near Hadrut, in territories liberated by Artsakh defense forces in 1993. In terms of organized resettlement, it represents the country’s southernmost civilian presence — lying not far from the southeastern front with Azerbaijan.

To date, the village has the following:

  • 24 single-family houses (195 inhabitants)
  • Expanded school with 12 classrooms 
  • Village hall/cultural center
  • Medical clinic
  • Outdoor athletic sports facility
  • Renovated school bathrooms
  • Playground
  • 6 hectares of pomegranate orchards

We need your help for:

  • Completion of new single-family houses
  • Village infrastructure improvements (water pressure/reliable electricity to support more houses)

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Aerial view of Arajamugh Village in May 2020.

AYF summer interns at the newly installed village entrance

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