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Since September 27, our brave soldiers have been fighting for Artsakh’s freedom and survival. Thousands of volunteers from Artsakh, Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora have answered the call to defend Artsakh and hundreds have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Many more will give their lives in the days and weeks ahead as Azerbaijan and Turkey try to commit another Armenian Genocide before the eyes of the world.

Today, we call on our community to stand with our soldiers and their families by making a generous donation to provide financial support to all those most at need, those displaced by Azeri aggression, the families of those fighting to defend Artsakh’s freedom and the families of our fallen soldiers.

Give in memory of our Artsakh martyrs. Give in honor of the wounded fighters and civilians. Give to honor those members of Your Family that perished and those that survived the same horror inflicted on our people 100 years ago by Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Give generously so that the world knows that we stand with Artsakh.

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